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Ian Thompson

Do you like action and adventure? Twisted mysteries? Fantasy worlds filled with monsters, magic and war? Characters and situations that grip your imagination? The icy thrill of being hunted by some colossal, ravenous abomination..? Or maybe flesh-eating zombies..?
If you like any of these things, I think you might like it here!
Have a browse. There's all kinds of stuff to see about my growing range of releases: from online samples to free gifts for subscribers, background information of my fictional worlds and characters, and more. If you have time, let me know what you think!
Best of all, you can relax here and know that you're perfectly safe. Nothing is going to come creeping out of the darkness to bite you... well, probably not...

Plus, as of June 2023, you can read all my releases for free on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited!


Latest Release:

Short Horror Tales Omnibus #6

(April 2023)

Next Release:

Short Horror Tale #19: Dread Darkness

(Sept 23 2023)

Planned Works:

Short Horror Tales:

#20 & 21

The Earth Bleeds:

Novel #2

I'm an author of Fantasy, Horror and Thrillers, in novels, short stories and novellas.


A very brief look at the stories so far...


In the murder-mystery thriller Paradise Exhumed, two reporters hunt a seemingly unstoppable killer. Can they survive... and can you solve the mystery before they do? In late November 2019, reporters Ray Hammett and Jessica Summers returned to face more murder, kidnapping, arson, blackmail and lethal havoc in The Murder Weapon In The Hill.


The fantasy world of Emeran is suffering an apocalyptic Era Of Darkness, as vast armies of demons invade and slaughter without mercy. Two novels complete the war-torn saga. Plus, there is the first novella in a spin-off series (Survival I: Slaughter At Ghastar) and three Short Tales From The Era Of Darkness, offering introductory glimpses into this fantasy realm. The Short Tales are available free to Newsletter Subscribers.


God Of War is just the story for you if you're afraid of the dark, claustrophobic or terrified of giant flesh-eating monstrosities. You can also download Into The Hole, the prelude to God Of War... which is available free to Newsletter Subscribers.


I also have an ongoing series of Short Horror Tales. The first eleven of these quick-read dark thrillers are Glancing Blow, Hooker, Chained, Ignition Source, House Of My Dreams, Bug Hunt, Kill Him Slowly, The Burning Rider, Troll, The Little Men & Cold Callers. Short Horror Tales are now also available as three-story omnibus Bundles, for extra savings.

My latest fantasy release is the two-volume saga Hector Reborn. In the epic war of Troy, the defending hero Hector perishes at the hands of his Greek nemesis Achilles... Reborn on a strange new world, Hector encounters new races, gods and magic. He grows aware of malevolent evils - and swears to put them to an end...

The Earth Bleeds is a new series of zombie apocalypse stories. Try Short Tale #1: Zombie Horde for a sample of the style and action. The first novel Genesis Of The Undead was released in March 2023 and reveals the ghastly early days of the apocalypse. If you love chilling, action-packed tales of the undead, why not try it out? Ideal for fans of The Walking Dead, Z-Nation and the classic Romero films.

Check out the BOOKS tab for more details.

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